Templeton Reid

In Georgia, Templeton’s Reid’s private mint operated for just a short time. Coinage occurred during … Read More »

Templeton Reid Coinage

1830 Templeton Reid $2.50

The obverse features the date 1830 in the center with GEORGIA GOLD … Read More »

The Bechtlers

Gold Mining In Mecklenburg County

Although gold had been sought, and small quantities … Read More »

The Coinage of Christopher and August Bechtler

Georgia Coinage

1834 - 1837 C.BECHTLER. AT RUTHERFORD., around 5 DOLLARS., GEORGIA … Read More »

Stone Mountain Memorial

The half dollar was produced to raise money to pay for the carving of the memorial to the … Read More »

The Charlotte Branch Mint

Charlotte, North Carolina: 1838-1861

Shortly after gold had been discovered in North … Read More »

The Smithsonian Numismatic Collection

One of the greatest treasures of numismatics is the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian … Read More »

The Masters Collection

The discovery of gold in the Southeast sparked the opening of mints in Dahlonega (Georgia) and Charlotte … Read More »